Phi Alpha Delta's Benson Chapter

Spring 2009


7 – Meet & Greet for January Students

  • Our school has a “January Class” of students that starts in the Spring and we decided to try to treat this class the same as our Fall 1L class with a week of introduction to law school.  We met each of them and helped with their registration, tours, books, etc.  They were very surprised that so many students wanted to come the week before school started to help them out and get them acclimated with school.
  • Recruitment, Service to School – 1Ls
8 – Welcome Breakfast

  • More P.A.D. members met the January section and provided juice and donuts.  Applications, Topeka 411 flyers, and P.A.D. Info flyers were handed out and we answered questions about school and P.A.D.
  • Recruitment – 1Ls
9 – Lunch Panel Q&A for January Students

  • A number of 2Ls and 3Ls held a Q&A panel for the January students to talk about school, classes, professors, P.A.D., and many other issues.  P.A.D. provided lunch and it was a very informative and helpful event for the new students.
  • Recruitment, Academic/Educational Event – 1Ls
13 – Blood Drive Informational Meeting

  • Members of the Executive Board and the Community Service committee met with Red Cross officials to discuss the details of putting on a blood drive at the law school.
  • Community Service – All P.A.D.
16 – Welcome Back P.A.D. Party

  • Benson sponsored a party for the new January students and all other Benson members at a local establishment.  Food and drinks were served and all had fun.
  • Social, Recruitment – 1Ls, All P.A.D.
20-23 – T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Sales & Recruiting Table

  • We sold shirts and sat at the table in the commons area working to recruit more law students into P.A.D.  Though our Spring rush wasn’t near the size of our Fall rush, it was this Spring drive that gave us the Benson record for inductees!
  • Fundraising, Recruitment – 1Ls, All P.A.D.
21 – January Chapter Meeting

27 – “Dress for Success” with Dean and Author Kelly Anders

  • This was one of the great events from the professional development series organized by the Executive Board and the professional development committee.  Associate Dean Kelly Anders, author of The Organized Lawyer, joined Professor Jeff Jackson to speak to a capacity crowd about how to dress for success in the legal field.  They discussed topics from Anders’ book such as how to create a wardrobe on a budget and what to wear in different situations.  The event concluded with a fashion show starring six P.A.D. members.
  • Professional Development – All P.A.D.


4 – P.A.D. Annual Blood Drive at the Law School

  • The community service committee in conjunction with the Executive Board worked tirelessly to put on a very successful blood drive at the law school.  All volunteers were P.A.D. members and through their hard work, we obtained a record number of good blood units.  The Red Cross already booked a date for next year because they were so excited with our success.
  • Community Service – All P.A.D.
11 – February Chapter Meeting

13 – P.A.D. Valentine’s Day Party

  • We wanted to put on a party to use as a fundraiser and decided that a Valentine’s Day party would be a great option.  Over 150 members, alumni, and friends came to the party, which was located at the P.A.D. “Hangout.”  The event raised over $250 for Chapter operations.
  • Social, Fundraising – All P.A.D.
25 – Topeka Bar Association Presentation

  • Alumni Liaisons presented information on the Alex Hotchkiss Alumni Chapter and P.A.D. in general to try to get new alumni members involved in P.A.D.
  • Alumni Relations
27 – Benson Spring Initiation

·         The Spring Initiation was held in the Robinson Courtroom at the Washburn University School of Law in accordance with P.A.D. Ritual.  A great number of 1Ls and 2Ls were initiated.  A number of current members came and helped see many new members into the fraternity.

·         Recruitment, Ritual – All P.A.D.

27 – Benson Spring Initiation Reception

  • Benson co-sponsored a wine and cheese night at the Art Museum, located right next to the law school.  New initiates were given free admission to the event, which doubled as a great reception.  At the Reception were a number of local prominent attorneys and judges as well as multiple faculty members.  It was a great networking event for all of our members.
  • Professional Development, Social – 1Ls, All P.A.D.


4–13 – Washburn University School of Law “Washcall”

  • Benson Chapter reserved two nights of working for the Washburn Law Endowment Association.  10 members donated time and money to this cause and raised $200 for chapter operations.
  • Fundraising, Service to School – All-P.A.D.
11 – Benson Chapter’s Annual Charity Pool Tournament

  • Benson members came to a local pool hall and the community service and social committees put on a pool tournament.  Teams of two were drawn out of a hat (building fraternalism!) and trophies were awarded to winning (and losing) teams.  In order to play, members had to bring canned food items.  We were happy to raise over 500 canned foods, boxed foods, and other items, which we happily donated to the Topeka Rescue Mission.
  • Community Service, Social – All P.A.D.
25 – Chapter Meeting (Nominations for Elections)

26 – Casino Night

  • P.A.D. co-sponsored a casino night with a number of other student organizations on campus, with the proceeds going to a local shelter.  It was a fantastic night of fun and gaming for a great cause.
  • Community Service, Social – All P.A.D.
30 – P.A.D. Elections Debate

  • All of the candidates running for P.A.D. positions appeared at a lunch meeting for a town hall debate.
31 – P.A.D. Officer Elections


1 – P.A.D. Officer Elections

2 – Enrollment Q&A with P.A.D. Uppers

  • Our upperclassmen make it a point during recruitment to show our potential members that we are here to help them succeed in law school.  In that light, each semester a panel of upperclassmen sponsor a lunch and Q&A session for 1Ls and 2Ls to learn about classes and professors in anticipation of enrollment.  It is a very popular event every semester.
  • Academic Event – 1Ls and 2Ls
3 – Golf Instructional and Networking Event

  • Members met at a local golf course and instructors helped teach the calisthenics of the golf swing.  One of the cooler parts of the event was that we learned how to network on the golf course and how to play with the right etiquette in different situations.  It was a great event put on by the professional development committee.
  • Professional Development – All P.A.D.
4 – Kuether Memorial Golf Tournament Sponsor

8 – Boys and Girls Club Annual “Easter Egg Hunt”

  • Members of Benson Chapter made the annual trip to the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka with over 500 Easter Eggs full of candy and other prizes.  Eggs were hidden all over the grounds and over 100 kids from the age of 5-11 hunted the eggs.  It was a fantastic event and we were interviewed on all of the television stations as the “good news” portion of the news for some great P.A.D. publicity.
  • Community Service – All P.A.D.
9 – Chapter Meeting (installation of officers)

17 – Final Party/Lake Bash/3L Appreciation Hoorah/Inter-Chapter Event

  • Our final event of the year was a BBQ and party at a shelter house on one of the area lakes.  There was great food, live music, drinks, fishing, and fun for all in attendance.  Over 150 members came, along with members from Green Chapter at KU, and it was a great way to cap off a remarkable year at Benson Chapter.
  • Social, Inter-Chapter – All P.A.D.