Phi Alpha Delta's Benson Chapter

Fall 2008


6-10 – P.A.D. Biennial Convention

  • Incoming Justice, Kevin Mechtley and Incoming Vice Justice, Erin Bruce attended Convention
17 – Calendar and 1L Week Preparation Meeting for Executive Board

  • The executive board planned our “1L Survival Week” events (August 18-22) as well as other August events.
  • Recruitment, Programming – 1Ls
18 – P.A.D. Volunteers help with Registration

  • Benson members provided tours for new 1Ls throughout the school and campus, as well as provided breakfast for the 1L orientation.
  • Recruitment, Service to School – 1Ls
19 – 1L Week Welcome Lunch

  • P.A.D. members attended a lunch for 1Ls and conversed with them throughout the afternoon.
  • Recruitment, Service to School – 1Ls
20 – Washburn Law Organization Fair

  • P.A.D. members “tabled” and handed out “Topeka 411” flyers, P.A.D. info flyers, applications, and answered questions about P.A.D.
  • Recruitment – 1Ls
21 – Lunch and Student Q&A Panel

  • Upperclassmen P.A.D. members provided pizza and answered questions from the entire 1L student body.  Almost every 1L said this was the most informative event of the entire 1L orientation week.
  • Recruitment, Academic, Service to School  – 1Ls
22 – Afternoon Delight w/ New 1Ls

  • Members of the P.A.D. executive board treated a number of 1Ls to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and answered questions about the fraternity and school.
  • Recruitment, Social Event – 1Ls
22 – 1L Welcome Party

  • Benson hosted a welcome party at a local bar and grill, where over 100 1Ls came to celebrate the first week being over.  Over 60 returning P.A.D. members also came to interact with the 1Ls and their families.  This was a great finish to the first week.
  • Recruitment, Social Event – Mostly 1Ls
25 – First P.A.D. Exec Board Meeting

  • The first executive board meeting was held and it repeated every Monday at noon for the rest of the year.
  • All Programming – All P.A.D.
29 – P.A.D. Back to School Bash

  • Benson organized and co-hosted an all-school party open to the entire law school at a local bar and grill.  There was plenty of food, drinks, and fun.  Benson planned and funded the entire event and a couple other organizations assisted in funding after the fact.
  • Recruitment, Social Event – All P.A.D.

1 – P.A.D. Informational Lunch

  • Benson members provided lunch and held an informational meeting for anyone interested in joining P.A.D.  An extensive PowerPoint presentation was given and multiple applications were accepted.
  • Recruitment – 1Ls and 2Ls
12-14 – District Conference, Jefferson City, MO

  • All 8 officers and 7 other members made the three and a half hour trip to Jefferson, MO, where our chapter served as the host chapter.  We arrived early and “brought the party” from Kansas as our Chapter almost doubled the amount of people present at the conference.  Our Justice, Kevin Mechtley put on a presentation about how to use the P.A.D. website and a number of our 1Ls who had not yet been initiated were “initiated” in a ceremony.
  • Inter-chapter, Social – All P.A.D.
16 – September Chapter Meeting

  • Lunch served at every chapter meeting
16-23 T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Sales

  • Benson purchased both P.A.D. and Washburn Law t-shirts and sweatshirts and sold them for profit throughout the Fall semester.  This was also a great way to recruit because we were always out in the open in the commons area selling shirts and talking to everyone.
  • Fundraising, Recruitment – Mostly 1Ls
19 – Alumni Reception

  • Our alumni liaisons sent a mass mailing out to all of our area alumni to inform them of the Initiation Ceremony as well as the petition to reinstate the Alex Hotchkiss Alumni Chapter in Topeka.  A number of old and new faces came to celebrate the occasion and observe the initiation of one of our biggest classes ever.
  • Alumni Activity – All P.A.D.
19 – Initiation

·         We held our Fall Initiation in the Robinson Courtroom at Washburn University School of Law in accordance with the Ritual.  A great number of current brothers and sisters from Benson attended and Brother (Professor) Ron Griffin was our speaker.  It was a great (and long!) ceremony considering how many now initiates we had.

·         Recruiting, Ritual – All P.A.D.

19 – Initiation Reception

·         We held a reception for all our new initiates, their families, alumni, and current members of Benson chapter.  We rented out a local bar and grill and took over the facility with nearly 200 people.  It was a fantastic reception with tons of food and drinks and overall a great cap to a great night.

·         Alumni, Social – All P.A.D.

20 – Annual BBQ at Professor Pierce’s Mansion Ranch

·         This is Benson’s Annual Marquee Event.  It is a BBQ and day of fun hosted at the home of Professor David Pierce, who is actually a Phi Delta Phi alumnus.  Each year, he opens his courtyard, ranch, indoor basketball court, swimming pool, and soccer field to our entire membership.  Nearly 200 members, faculty, and alumni were present at this great event.

·         Social, Alumni – All P.A.D


8 – October Chapter Meeting

15 – P.A.D. Professor War Stories Panel

  • Another annual event for Benson where we choose 3 professors (preferable P.A.D. alums!) to tell their war stories from law school, teaching, and their practice.  Lunch was served to all in attendance and over 80 members and professors attended.
  • Academic, Specialized (law-related education) – All P.A.D.
23 – Bowling for Charity

·         This was our first community service event of the year, where nearly 100 P.A.D. members came to the local bowling alley, donating nearly 1000 cans of food, boxed foods, toiletries, and other items for the Topeka Rescue Mission.  It was a huge success and everyone had a great time for a great cause.

·         Community Service, Social, Specialized (food drive) – All P.A.D.

26 – “De-Feet” Domestic Violence Walk Sponsor

  • P.A.D. members walked in a fundraiser with a donation from Benson Chapter.
29 – Enrollment Q&A with P.A.D. Uppers

  • Our upperclassmen make it a point during recruitment to show our potential members that we are here to help them succeed in law school.  In that light, each semester a panel of upperclassmen sponsor a lunch and Q&A session for 1Ls and 2Ls to learn about classes and professors in anticipation of enrollment.  It is a very popular event every semester.
  • Academic Event – 1Ls and 2Ls
31 – All-School Halloween Party (sponsored by P.A.D.)

  • A number of our members came together to help one of our esteemed Alumni Liaisons build a “P.A.D. Hangout” out of his pool house affixed to his home.  Upon finishing it, we held our first party on Halloween where over 200 law students, Benson alumni, and significant others joined in for drinks and fun.  Trophies for best costumes were awarded and it was the biggest social event of the year.  Non-members paid an entry fee that raised a little over $100.
  • Social Event, Fundraiser Event – All P.A.D.

1 – Second Fall Initiation Ceremony

3-14 Washburn University School of Law “Washcall”

  • Benson Chapter reserved two nights of working for the Washburn Law Endowment Association.  Over 20 members donated time and money to this cause and raised over $400 for chapter operations.
  • Fundraising, Service to School – All-P.A.D.
5 – November Chapter Meeting

11 – Annual “Street Law” Panel (New and Exciting Topics in Search & Seizure)

  • Each year Benson Chapter sponsors a marquee panel lunch where we bring in professionals to discuss a new or exciting topic in the law.  This year, we had our own Professor Michael Kaye, President of the Center for Excellence in Advocacy, moderate a town hall debate format between local Topeka defense attorney Kevin Shepherd and Topeka Police Department Legal Advisor, Kyle Smith.  This year’s panel lunch was extremely well attended and received rave reviews.
  • Academic/Educational, Professional Event – All P.A.D.
19 – Kevin Muxlow, Speaker: “Starting Your Own Firm Out of School”

·         Benson sponsored a speech by Kevin Muxlow, a Kansas City defense attorney, who spoke about how to start a firm right out of school and how to immediately compete in a larger market.  He was extremely intelligent and candid in his advice and everyone really appreciated it.  Lunch was served and it was a great professional event.

·         Professional Program – 3Ls and All-P.A.D.

December (Finals 12/8 – 12/19)

24 – Benson Adopt-a-Family

  • Our chapter adopted a local family of 5 and provided gift cards to local restaurants, tons of toys, movie passes, and other presents in anticipation of the Christmas holiday.  The family was extremely appreciative and it was a wonderful holiday experience for all involved.
  • Community Service – All-P.A.D.